Desmet Quarry Apartment Land Development Site

        Price: $ 6,500,000
        Address: 1123 N Flora Rd, Spokane Valley, WA 99016
  • Status:
  • Type: Multi-Family
  • Area: 12 acres


 A $46 million apartment complex to be known as Desmet Quarry, in Spokane Valley.

 The project, which is being developed by the Spokane-area development company Douglass Properties LLC, will include nine 32-unit apartment buildings, one 16-unit building, at least nine parking garages, and a clubhouse, The complex of 10 apartment buildings will host a total of 304 living units, permit information shows. Altogether, the apartment buildings will occupy about 391,000 square feet of space.

Ryan Layton


Ryan Layton has an extensive and diverse background in self-storage ownership and real estate Development and investments. This helps when Ryan brings that real world experience to his investor clients. When Ryan is not outside enjoying skiing and golf, he is helping his clients negotiate the ins and outs of the commercial real estate world. Ryan represents sellers, buyers, and tenants guiding them through each transaction.

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